Brother TN-2080 refilling instructions

Brother Toner Cartridge TN-2080 refills like most Brother Toner Cartridges
Appearance of the cartridge assembled with a drum unit.
tn-2080 refueling instructionThe TN-2080 cartridge has a small capacity. Holds about 60 grams of tonertn-2080 refueling instructionThus, Brother TN-2080 can print from 500 to 700 pages – this is the volume of his refueling.

To refill this cartridge, you need to unscrew the three side cover screws and remove the refueling instructionThe starter cartridge (the one that comes with the printer) will not have a large gear for zeroing the counter. In the photo, it has a newer look than the others, because was installed later and did not have time to “grow old”tn-2080 refueling instructionDetaching the plastic holdertn-2080 refueling instructionTo remove it, pry it open with a flat screwdriver. tn-2080 refueling instructionThen you need to pry off with a screwdriver, as shown in the photo below the magnetic roller refueling instructiontn-2080 refueling instructionThe magnetic roller can now be removedIMG_4885 Unscrew two screws to remove the metering ruler.IMG_4886We clean the toner cartridge from the remains of old toner and dust. Wipe the dosing ruler and magnetic roller with acetone and a cloth.IMG_4887Fill the cartridge with new toner through the mounting hole of the magnetic roller. And then the cartridge can be assembled in reverse order. tn-2080 refueling instruction

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