Canon inkjet cartridge prints with blanks

Why does an ink cartridge print poorly?

Issue: Poor print quality in Canon inkjet MFP

There are several reasons why the printer began to print poorly. But in our case there is a specific sample printed on a faulty device. Using this sample, we will make a diagnosis. So, to be or not to be?

Here is a snippet printed on the problem cartridge. The “sailor suit” (narrow horizontal lines) was printed, but in the end, this is what happened … (see the fragment below)

and here’s another fragment after refueling and flushing the cartridge


According to the existing experience, at the sight of such a defect there is only one way out – replacing the cartridge with a new one. But we are trying to complete the procedure for flushing the cartridge and pumping it. But this did not bring any positive results.

Conclusion: damage (burnout) of the nozzles in the cartridge. Therefore, the ejection of ink is not uniform and “smeared”. And this may be caused by the fact that it was possible to print with a cartridge when it ran out of ink. This has caused the print nozzles to overheat. Therefore, it is important to refill the cartridge before it runs out of ink. Also, damage may be due to the quality of the ink.

Good luck to everyone and even printing!

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