Driver for Printer Samsung Xpress C430 (SL-C430)

Samsung Xpress C430 (SL-C430)

Windows 2003/2008 / XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 for printer and scanner

Bit options: x32 / x64

Driver size: 42 MB

Click to download:Samsung Xpress C430

How to install a driver on Windows 10

Samsung printers are true small office printing stations designed to keep corporate life running smoothly. Before commissioning, it is necessary to correctly configure the device. It is easy to do it yourself, even for those who are doing it for the first time.

First of all, follow the link above (depending on the type of operating system) to download drivers for the Samsung Xpress C430 printer. Then go to the system folder “Downloads”, find the file you just downloaded and run it through the “Open” menu.

Driver for Printer Samsung Xpress C430 (SL-C430)

At the first stage, select the “Install” item. This is required for a new device. Select the first link and click on it – the terms of the license agreement regarding the use of devices and intellectual property from Samsung Corporation will open. If there are no objections, then we mark our agreement in the corresponding paragraph. We pass “Next”.

Driver for Printer Samsung Xpress C430 (SL-C430)

From the proposed options, select the connection method – “New Printer”. We confirm the selection by clicking the “Next” button.

Driver for Printer Samsung Xpress C430 (SL-C430)

In the options for connecting to the system unit, we note the method associated with connecting via a special cable from the kit. This is the “USB” option. We pass “Next”.

Driver for Printer Samsung Xpress C430 (SL-C430)

We connect the device to the system unit as shown in the picture. Do not forget to supply power to the printer and turn it on. The software will automatically complete the printer setup automatically.

Driver for Printer Samsung Xpress C430 (SL-C430)

Then you can print a test page.


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