Easy Printer Manager – download for Samsung

Easy Printer Manager

Windows 10/8 / 8.1 / Vista / 7 / XP

Bit options: x32 / x64

Easy Printer Manager (28.9)

Mac OS X 10.14 and up to 10.6

Bit options: x32 / x64

Click to download: Easy Printer Manager Mac OS (46 MB)

How to install on Windows 10

The Easy Printer Manager utility is designed to control the printing and scanning process on Samsung devices. With its help, you can immediately learn about errors that occur, create print queues, specify which computer on the network to save the scanned image to, and much more. This program is especially useful when you need to manage a large network. The manager sees data on device models, their type of connection, ink status, health. If the printer or scanner has a display, the utility can send information there. If there is no display, you can set up notifications. They will come when any problems arise: no connection, low ink, no paper, etc. The program is easy to use. If you decide to install it, you will first need to download Easy Printer Manager. After that, the installation takes place in a couple of clicks.

Run the downloaded utility. In the welcome window, click Next.

Easy Printer Manager - download for Samsung

We accept the license agreement (check the box) and click “Next”.

Easy Printer Manager - download for Samsung

It remains to click “Finish” and restart your computer. The program is installed on your computer, enjoy your use.

Easy Printer Manager - download for Samsung


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