Epson Printer Test Page

On Epson printers, you can print a test page, or rather a print head nozzle test, without connecting it to a computer. Therefore, if you are unable to connect the printer to a PC or laptop, or if the driver is not installed, then the test sheet can be printed by pressing the printer key combination.

1. If the printer is on, turn off its power by pressing the key. Place paper in the tray.

2. With the printer turned off, press and hold the key (2) with the trash can and a sheet of paper icon (the rightmost button), then without releasing it, press the “on” key (1) and release it. Hold down the (2) key for 10 seconds and release.

When ready, the printer will print a Printhead Check Page.

epson test list3

This method is valid for Epson printer models.

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