Filling of the cartridge Xerox 3010/3040

For owners of printers and MFPs of the Xerox 3010/3040 series, it will not be difficult to refill the cartridge themselves.

The cartridge is a container with toner: on the outside there is an electronic chip, inside there is a toner stirrer. Toner from the cartridge is poured into the printer unit through a special window.

How to refill Xerox toner cartridge

Using a flat-bladed screwdriver, pry off the cover at the click points around the entire circumference so that it slightly extends beyond the latches.

refueling xerox 3010/3045

Great, cartridge cover removed. Now you need to replace the chip.

gas station xcerox wc 3010/3045

Do I need to change the chip in the Xerox WC 3010/3045 cartridge? Required. The chip stores information about the consumption and the amount of toner in the cartridge. The printer stops working when the counter is zero.


gas station xcerox wc 3010/3045

Replace the chip and reinstall it. You can add some sealant to the chip seating site. So it will be safer to hold on.

gas station xcerox wc 3010/3045

Now start refilling the cartridge with toner. What toner should I refill the Xerox WC 3010/3045 cartridge? This cartridge requires its own toner. The Phaser 3010 toner (shown in the photo below) has been accurately tested and works, and there are other manufacturers of this toner model. Use compatible toner for this type of cartridge. Otherwise, you risk spoiling the printer development unit. Get a faint print that will smudge off the paper.

gas station xcerox wc 3010/3045

gas station xcerox wc 3010/3045


After refueling, close the removed cover tightly. Check the tightness. The cartridge is ready.

gas station xcerox wc 3010/3045

Do not insert the Xerox XC 3010/3040 cartridge into a printer without a chip. This leads to breakage of the contact group of the chip sensor. They fall into the chip niche when the cartridge is turned to the working position and back. And when you remove it from the printer, they break. In the future, this leads to the fact that the printer “does not see” the cartridge, even if a chip is installed in it.

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