How to refill HP 122 inkjet cartridge

Step-by-step instructions with photos for refilling the HP 122 Black and White Inkjet Print Cartridge. This manual will work with any HP or Canon inkjet cartridge with a built-in print head.

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With a stationery knife, carefully remove the top sticker from the cartridge.

These are the air vents, through which ink will be refilled.

hp 122 refueling instructions

In our example, the cartridge is completely empty and weighs 24 grams.

hp 122 refueling instructions

Refueling will require a medical disposable syringe and pigment or water-soluble ink.

hp 122 refueling instructions

Now you need to fill the syringe with ink, then carefully insert the needle into the cartridge as shown in the photo below.


Do not insert the needle all the way to avoid damaging the printhead filter. The photo below shows the recommended level to which the needle should reach.

hp 122 refueling instructions

Now push down on the plunger very slowly so that the ink evenly fills the absorbent material inside the cartridge container. Look at the nozzles of the cartridge: if ink starts leaking from them, you can stop refueling. This option is suitable if the cartridge nozzles are not dry. Another sign that a cartridge is already full is ink escaping from the ducts. Remove them gently with a tissue or tissue.

hp 122 refueling instructions

If you stop supplying ink, and it still protrudes on the surface of the print head, then use a syringe to pump the ink back until it stops spontaneously flowing out.


In our example, the weight of the full HP 122 cartridge was 32 grams. Thus, this cartridge contains 32-24 = 8 grams of ink.

hp 122 refueling instructions

Touch the print head of the cartridge to a cotton pad or clean cloth. The cartridge will leave a narrow black strip as a result of properly refilling the cartridge.

hp 122 refueling instructions

After installing the cartridge in the printer, clean it using the service menu from the driver settings.

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