How to refill the HP 122 Color Inkjet Print Cartridge

Refilling a color inkjet cartridge by its technology practically does not differ from refilling a black-and-white HP 122 inkjet cartridge. But when refilling a color cartridge, the main thing is not to mix up the ink in the refilled containers.

Just like in the black and white cartridge, you need to remove the top nameplate.

Refueling requires three disposable syringes (each color has its own syringe) and water-soluble color ink (cyan, magenta and yellow).

refueling hp 122

Pay attention to which part of the cartridge to fill the corresponding ink color.

refueling hp 122

If you are sure that your cartridge is completely empty, then fill, first, with 1.5-2 ml of ink of each color. If the cartridge is not dry, ink will come out through the nozzles. When refilling the cartridge, do not rush to press on the syringe plunger. Do this gradually so that the ink has time to saturate the cartridge.

refueling hp 122

Look at the nozzles of the cartridge: if ink seeps through them randomly, then use a syringe to pump back a small amount of the resulting color. After refilling the HP122 color cartridge, gently touch the printhead to a tissue, cotton pad, or cloth. When properly filled, the cartridge will produce three narrow colored stripes.

refueling hp 122

Make sure ink does not spontaneously flow out of the HP 122 cartridge. Install the cartridge in the printer carriage and clean the printhead from the printer driver or service menu on your mfp display.

After refilling the HP 122 inkjet cartridges and any other similar model, the ink level displayed by the printer or mfp will not match the actual ink level in the cartridge. Therefore, to avoid burning the print nozzles, do not print with a cartridge that has run out of one of the three colors. This causes the printhead to overheat and burn out. The cartridges are made in a disposable form factor, but in practice they can withstand 2 to 8 refills.

The refilled HP 122 Color Cartridge weighs 37 grams.

hp 122 installation instructions

After refueling, reattach the upper nameplate.

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