HP Universal Toner (HP ce285a test)

Despite the huge range of laser printer models (for example HP), the composition of toner for cartridges does not differ much. For the convenience of refilling cartridges, manufacturers of compatible toners produce universal toner, which supposedly should be suitable for all specified cartridge models without significant loss of print quality.

In this test, I want to show the difference in print quality after refilling a cartridge with a universal toner and a special toner for a particular cartridge model from the same manufacturer. The test will check the toner from Static Control. For the experiment, we took an original HP ce285a cartridge, but not the first “freshness”. The photocar was replaced with a compatible one and 2 refills left. The rest of the cartridge parts are native. Total mileage of the cartridge is about 6 pages.

This is a test page printed by a cartridge after refilling with Static Control Universal Toner

This page is printed on the same cartridge, but with Static Control for use HP 1005/1006 toner. Accordingly, it is suitable for all cartridges of the same type Canon and HP

sc 001 toner quality

The difference is obvious. The fill has become even and dense, the text is contrasting, there are no sharp transitions in the gradients.


From this test, you can see that toner versatility isn’t all that universal. Perhaps the universal toner will work equally well on older cartridges such as the q2612a and the like.

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