Ink Codes for Epson

Fans of Epson inkjet technology were overjoyed at the appearance of Epson printers with their built-in proprietary continuous ink supply system (CISS). Finally, you can refuel printers and forget about the next refueling for a long time, or even better, forget about expensive cartridges that run out very quickly.

To protect its products from “left” consumables after refueling the CISS printer or Epson mfp, the company numbers each jar with a unique serial number. In order to activate the printer after refueling, this number must be entered on the PC.

CISS can be filled with non-original ink. But to activate printing, you still need to enter the serial number, which is found only on cans with original ink.

A selection of serial numbers for Epson L800

Set No. 1

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Kit # 2 ink ID codes for Epson:

T6731 (Black) -ID: Y8A-9BW-EP7-5SLN,
T6644 (Yelow) -ID: T3Y-STM-VGG-V5QQ,
T6752 (CYAN) – ID: 9AR-KRU-ZT8-9ULA,
T6786 (LightMagenta) – ID: DZU-5ZY-YQ8-258N,
T6735 (Light Cyan) – ID: S69-KZC-B6C-E9SF

PS: The article will be updated with new serial numbers.

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