Kyocera MF 1025/1125 mining hopper

Kyocera MF 1025/1125 multifunction devices have a waste toner hopper that requires maintenance (replacing or cleaning accumulated toner). Often a sign of an overfilled hopper is mechanical noise or crunching noise that is amplified and can damage the printer’s gearbox.

First, open the back cover of the device. Take out the fuser and developer unit. Then, carefully remove the plastic waste toner box and clean it. Reassemble in reverse order.

1. Open the back cover, take out the fuser and the development unit (they have already been removed in the photo, the “waste” bin is shown by the arrow).



2. Carefully remove the toner through the indicated hole using a special vacuum cleaner.

kyocera MF1025

Pay attention to the integrity of the gear teeth, if there was mechanical noise before cleaning and the teeth are damaged, then the hopper should be replaced with a new one.


After cleaning, assemble the elements in reverse order.

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