Laser vs Inkjet Printer

You decided that you need a printer and went shopping at the store. We haven’t decided on the printer model yet, but you know for sure that you need a device that would print documents or photos from your laptop or computer.

Which printer should I buy? Laser or Inkjet?

By printing technology, all printers fall into two main categories – inkjet and laser. There are also sublimation ones, but they are not very common.

Which printer is the best for your home, laser or inkjet, will depend on your printing needs and demands. Also, maintenance costs (printing costs) will depend on this.

I’ll start with the usual PROS and CONS, disadvantages and advantages of inkjet and laser (LED) printers.

Inkjet printers

Pros of inkjet printers:

1. Low noise level during operation
2. A wide range of print media (cd, dvd, paper, cardboard)
3. High quality photo prints
4. There are mobile versions of printers for use on the road.

Cons of inkjet printers:

1. The main disadvantage (drying of ink in cartridges) with intermittent use of the device
2. Print speed is slower than laser printers
3. If water gets on the print, ink will spread (not in all cases)
4. The cost of use is more expensive than laser printers (when buying original cartridges)

Laser printers

Pros of laser printers:

1. High speed printing
2. Ink (toner) does not dry out.
3. Low cost of printing
4. High quality document printing
5. Prints are water resistant.

Cons of laser printers:

1. More noisy than inkjet.
2. Poor quality of printing photos.
3. The high cost of original cartridges.
4. Sensitive to paper type and weight.

Summary: to make the right choice when buying a printer, you need to decide on the tasks for which you are purchasing it.

For home, if you plan to print only documents (abstracts, diplomas, etc.), then a rational choice would be a laser black and white printer. Even if you type with long breaks. Most inkjet printers are not suitable for this purpose, as the ink lasts from 100 to 150 pages of printed text. Plus, if used occasionally, ink may dry out in the nozzles on the print head. Which will be an additional cost for repairs.

If there is a need for color printing, then you need to decide whether the priority will be printing photos or just images, etc. Since color laser printers are still inferior to inkjet printers in terms of photo printing quality. The cost price of using a laser color printer when purchasing new original cartridges is currently high. A set of 4 cartridges sometimes exceeds the cost of the printer itself.

So immediately find out how much it will cost to refuel or buy new cartridges for your printer.

Inkjet printers are suitable for those who primarily need high quality photo prints, or who print frequently, but not in small volumes. From experience I can say that an inkjet printer with 4 separate ink tanks for each color will be a bargain. The comparatively good ink supply makes it possible to print up to 200 printed text pages. Refilling cartridges won’t hit your budget too hard. In such inkjet printers, the print head has a high resource compared to disposable inkjet cartridges.

To the delight of users, epson company (this is not an advertisement) released a printer with a built-in proprietary continuous ink supply system (CISS), one filling of such a system is enough for up to 1000 pages of printed text. The cost of use is quite adequate even when buying branded original ink. But you need to remember: so that the print head does not dry out, you need to periodically print something.

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