Resetting the Epson pampers counter

In most Epson printers, the indicator of an overflow of the waste ink (pampers) counter is the blinking of two LEDs: a network light and a “drop”. On Epson mfp, which have a digital display, a message appears with an error code and the inscription “contact service” For more details about why the printer “pampers” read here. In this case, the printer will be blocked and it will not print.

In this case, you can contact a printer service center, which will check the printer and reset the waste ink counter. The printer will print again.

You can also reset the pamer counter yourself using a special service program. Below will be given a brief instruction on its use. But remember that all responsibility in case of unsuccessful actions on the printer is your own.

To reset the waste ink counter you need to follow these steps.

1. Download PrintHelp program to your computer.

2. Next, install the program on your computer and connect the printer to your computer using a USB connection.

3. Start the PrintHelp program. In the list of connected printers in the left window, select the printer model in which you want to check and reset the pampers. Click Check Workout.

4. To reset the “diaper” – press the red button “reset the diaper”. Your computer or laptop at this moment must have an Internet connection.

5. After zeroing the diaper, the printer must be turned off with the “off” button on the control panel.

6. Turn on the printer again and click in the program “check working”. The counters must be zero.

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