The cartridge prints with “waves”

Is the laser printer cartridge starting to print waves all over the sheet? Usually this defect appears after refilling the cartridge.

The reasons for the appearance of a defect when the cartridge prints waves are as follows:

  • The metering blade has lost its elasticity (common cause) You need to replace it with a new one or restore the old one.
  • Mechanical wear of the magnetic shaft (very rare)– replace or clean the old one.
  • The toner used is not compatible with the cartridge model… Use quality, compatible toner.
  • Condensation on the magnetic shaft. (from cold to warm room). Before using the cartridge, let it warm up at room temperature in the package for 1 to 3 hours.

An increased layer of toner is formed on the magnetic roller (photo below) And passing next to the drum toner randomly adheres to it. Therefore, waves are formed all over the sheet of paper.

cartridge prints waves

Most often, to eliminate the cause, you need to replace the dosing ruler.

Let’s see how to do it. We unscrew the two screws that hold it and remove the ruler


the cartridge prints in waves.

Replace the old ruler with a new one. If there is no new ruler, take a cotton pad and use acetone to clean the ruler to the state as in the photo below. It is also recommended to clean the magnetic shaft at the same time. If these procedures did not eliminate the defect, then use new parts.

cartridge prints in wave

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