Toner is spilling out of the cartridge and a black line on the side

Sometimes, the reason that the cartridge from the laser printer began to print with a black stripe around the edge and at the same time also add toner is the overflow of the waste toner box. You can easily verify this by removing the drum unit. As you can see in the photo below, toner is tightly packed in the hopper, and its excess began to spill out.

What can be the reason for the premature overflow of the bin:

  1. Waste toner was not cleared from the hopper during refueling. Therefore, the next time you refuel the cartridge, be sure to clean the entire cartridge from the old toner.
  2. Overflow is influenced by the volume of the bin. In some starting HP, Canon cartridges, it is practically absent.
  3. There is an assumption that depends on the toner manufacturer.
  4. It has been observed that the condition of the drum unit affects toner consumption and, accordingly, more toner entering the hopper.

5. If you work in a dusty room, then all the dust on the paper, as well as various pile, – all this from the paper sticks to the drum, and from it it is scraped off with a squeegee and settles in the waste bin.

toner spills out of the cartridge


In some models of Samsung and Xerox cartridges, there have been cases that, with large volumes of printing and strong heating of the printer, the waste toner is sintered into hard lumps – this is because the cartridge is close to the printer fuser. That subsequently made it difficult to clean the cartridge during refilling.

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