What is an absorber in a printer. Or why does a printer need a “pampers”?

Owners of inkjet printers or MFPs sooner or later came across such a concept as an overflow absorber. Or, in another way, it is called an overflow of the diaper counter. It happens that one day a message appears on the PC or on the printer display “error X contact the service center”.

Such is the device of inkjet printers that to ensure and maintain high-quality printing, the printer “drains” part of the ink …. into the toilet … well, in our case, into the absorber. Any inkjet printer has this very diaper. Usually it is a special compartment in which there is a special multi-layer fibrous material that is capable of absorbing a huge amount of ink.36_pixma_ip1600 i (1) i

And this is an absorber full of ink:pampers3

In order to get rid of air bubbles in the ink, the printer makes a small ejection of ink into a special tray each time it is turned on, and a vacuum pump pumps this ink through an elastic tube into this absorbent material. This cleaning process also occurs during the printing of the document, after a certain period. Also, a large drain of ink into the diaper occurs when you do a forced cleaning of the print head or cleaning the nozzles. This is somewhat similar to the injection procedure in the hospital. Before giving the injection, the doctor directs the needle towards the ceiling and gently presses the plunger, draining some of the medicine and squeezing air out of the needle.

How does the printer know if the pad is full?

In fact, there are no sensors in the printer that monitor the ink level in the absorber. Manufacturers put the firmware of the printer or MFP, which, after a certain period, signals an overflow. Although in fact the absorber can still hold a triple dose of ink. In some Epson models, I have noticed that this is due to the number of “cleanings” of the print head. But in any case, the manufacturers took care to warn the user about the impending flood of ink.

What should I do if a message appears indicating that the printer’s absorber is full?

There are several ways to solve the problem. If you occasionally print and you have such a message after a year or two of using the printer, then you can simply reset the diaper counter. You can do this yourself by downloading the necessary service program for your printer model. Or take it to the SC. there they will reset the counter for the money. In this case, the capacity of the absorber will be sufficient until the next time. And ink will not leak out of the printer.

Another method used by active users of inkjet technology is an external absorber. Those. by simple intervention in the design of the printer, the tube from the pump is brought out and some container is attached to it.absorber vneshniy

In this case, ink leaves the printer immediately. And there is no threat that one day the ink will leak under the printer. And when an absorber overflow error appears, it is reset by the service program. True, if this is done with “crooked” hands, then cleaning the ink spilled on the table cannot be avoided.

That’s all I wanted to say about absorbers in inkjet printers.

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