Why change the imaging drum in a cartridge?

The imaging drum is one of the most important parts of the cartridge. It greatly affects print quality. Its mechanical damage causes artifacts during printing in the form of a gray background, various stripes, black dots, and so on. The drum unit is in constant rotation during printing, and its surface is subject to strong mechanical friction against the paper and, most of all, against the squeegee (cleaning blade).

The appearance of a black strip when printing on the side of a sheet, which over time becomes darker and wider, indicates that the drum unit (drum unit) has become unusable. Of course, the appearance of a black stripe on the side is not always associated with the drum.

As a rule, this defect manifests itself after 3-4 refills of the cartridge – the imaging drum has its own resource. In disposable laser cartridges, it is designed for one time (from 1.5 to 3 thousand pages), but in fact withstands from 3 to 4 refills (3-6 thousand pages), and in Samsung and Xerox cartridges – from 4 to 8 (5 -9 thousand pages). This is due to the design features of these cartridges. In printers where the drum unit (drum unit) is a separate module (for example, in Brother), it is designed for a longer resource – about 20-25 thousand pages. In Kyocera printers, this resource is even higher – 40-60 thousand pages.

IMG_4946Since the drum is most strongly pressed at the edges, such damage to the photo layer occurs there earlier than in the middle.IMG_4949On the left is a new imaging drum, and on the right is the outgoing 7 refills in a Samsung mlt-d104s cartridge

Can I continue to use the cartridge if it smears on the paper due to deterioration in the drum unit? Of course it is possible, no one forbids, but you should keep in mind that in this case the cartridge starts to consume toner heavily, and toner starts to pour into the printer path. Part of the toner goes into the fuser, where it heats up, melts and, while cooling down, forms strong “build-ups” on the heating element assemblies, rollers, etc. In addition, spilled toner gets into the cartridge drive gearbox and clogs the gears, which puts stress on the main motor. Large amounts of spillage on the control board or printer power supply may damage them. Also, spilled toner will enter the air through the printer’s cooling system, and you will breathe in this air.

PS I advise you to timely replace the cartridge or repair it – it is more profitable than doing maintenance or repairs to your printer or MFP

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