Xerox Work Center 3025 how to refill the cartridge

Introducing an overview of refilling a cartridge for the Xerox Work Center 3025 Multifunction Printer.

The appearance of the cartridge is very similar to the Samsung d101s cartridge. But it has a slightly different grip design, and for this reason, the cartridges of devices from the Samsung and Xerox families are not interchangeable.


IMG_20170216_095723 IMG_20170216_095707

The principle of filling the Xerox WC 3025 cartridge is identical to that of the Samsung d101s cartridge. You can see the technology of refueling the Samsung d101s cartridge at this link.

The cartridge also has a chip that locks the device when the estimated number of pages has expired. To use the refilled cartridges in the Xerox wc 3025 mfp, you will need the help of the service center, where you will be able to update and install the “fixed” firmware (the manufacturer has the right to refuse warranty repairs if the device firmware is changed, that is, in simple terms, the printer firmware will void your warranty repair).

And finally, a couple of photos of the MFP itself.


The device is very similar in its internal stuffing to Samsung devices.

xerox wc 3025

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